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Henodur varnish

Liquid platic
white, bright gray, dark gray, yellow, brown, black

250 ml Henodurlack
Anwendungstipp Sicherheitsdatenblatt

Remdur varnish

Synthetic resin enamel varnish for fast gilding instead of the use of Mixtion
Colors: yellow, white, black

100 ml Remdurlack

Henesol Thinner

Thinner for Henodur varnish

250 ml
500 ml
1000 ml
Henesol Verdünnung
Anwendungstipp Sicherheitsdatenblatt

Blitz Bronze varnish

Colors: Gold, Antiquegold, Silver

100 ml Blitz Bronzefarbe

Lukas Goldcolor

with colorpigments - no oxidation possible

50 ml Lukas Metallic Acryl Farbe
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